Are you…

… a BUSY mom, trying to figure out how to fit it all in?

… a NEW MOM and not sure how to get back into fitness?

… looking for a program that you can do from the comfort of your own home that will keep you accountable and motivated?

… tired? Achy? Exhausted?

… overwhelmed? Don’t know where to focus? Confused with all the information out there?

… experiencing pelvic floor dysfunctions? Leaking? Low back pain? Do you have pelvic organ prolapse or diastasis recti?

Then this program is FOR YOU.

I want to help you

I want to help you

I want you to get back to doing



I’m Maria - a ceritified Pre & Postnatal Personal Trainer, and a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach.

What does all that mean?

It means I got your back. Whether you are expecting your first child or a seasoned mom of three, I have the education and experience to get you to a place you want to be. Safely. Effectively.

I am 47 years old and I have 2 kids, 9 & 11 and they keep me moving! We are always on the go… skiing, hiking, biking, playing. I truly believe we have to train for life. So that we can continue to do the things we love, pain and symptom free.

I want you to be able to do the things you love. By yourself. With friends. With your kids. Whatever fills your heart. I want that for you.

I’ve done it before mamas. I’ve been in a place where I exercised 6 days a week for 1-2 hours. A lot of cardio at the gym.

But I’m hear to tell you… you don’t need to do what I did! There is another way. YOU don’t have time to fit in those LONG workouts EVERY DAY. It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be super complicated. I’m here to help you.

You are a MOM. That already makes you stronger than you think. You did the hardest thing a body can do. You created a TINY HUMAN. If you can do that, I believe you are capable of doing anything.

When you break it down into reasonable, achievable steps, we take the overwhelming out of it.

Let’s simplify it.

maria hike.jpg

Let’s do this.

Let’s train for life.

Let me guide you.

So you can do the things you love to do.

“I love working out with Maria! After discovering pelvic organ prolapse after my second child I was nervous to start working out. I felt in really good hands with Maria, now I feel capable and confident during workouts. She keeps it interesting and uplifting.” - Heather M.

What’s included:

  1. FOUR new workouts monthly, delivered to you via PDFs with direct link to video demos. I will guide you and coach you through each movement so there’s never any question as to if you’re doing it correctly. You will have 2 options - Level 1 & 2. Level 1 is for beginners or for those newly postpartum. Level 2 is for those who have recently been following some kind of strength program. WHATEVER your level, YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED!

  2. ONE finisher workout monthly, delivered to you via PDF with direct link to a video demo.. It might be a GLUTE FINISHER. Maybe a METABOLIC workout. It’s a surprise every month. But one thing I can guarantee…. it will be FUN!

  3. Exclusive access to our member’s only Facebook group where you can connect with me, your coach, for support, accountability, questions, venting, praise. A group where you can connect with mammas in the same place as you. For support. For community. For friendship.

  4. LIVE Q&A coaching calls and guest interviews where we can discuss topics related to fitness, exercise techniques, lifestyle, habits, mental health, postnatal recovery, and all things core and pelvic floor!

  5. A monthly foundational habit challenge where we focus on one thing to improve your lifestyle.

  6. A monthly calendar so you can track your workouts and habits!

  7. A private, member’s only website-area where you will find the workouts, your monthly calendar, and your foundational habit challenge.

You’re tired. The kids take so much energy from you everyday. You want to be there for them. You want to do all the things. But you are starting to feel like you can’t keep up. You want to be able to play with them. Run with them.

I get it. In the Mom Squad, you can do your workouts at home. During nap time. Or before they wake up. Or with them hanging out beside you.

You can get still take care of yourself while taking care of your kids too.

Or maybe this is you….

You get up. Go to work. Put in a HARD day at work. Pick up the kids from daycare. Get home. Make supper. Clean up. Do the laundry. Prepare for tomorrow. Bath time. Read them a story. Get them to bed.

And You. Are. Exhausted. How are you supposed to fit in a workout?

That’s why I’ve created the Mom Squad. These workouts will have you done in less than 30 minutes. Cause mom life is HARD. And BUSY. And FULL. But you’re ready to make the 30 minutes a few times a week to get this done.

Or maybe this is you….

Maybe you’re working out A LOT. You spend too much time at the gym. All the Zumba, Spin and Step classes you can fit in. But you’re just not seeing the results that you want.

In the Mom Squad, you’ll have 4 effective, strength building workouts every month to help you build the form that you have always wanted. To help you build muscle. Without being at the gym for 1-2 hours 6 days a week.

Who is Maria’s Mom Squad FOR?

Moms who want effective QUICK workouts that can be fit into your hectic life.

Women who want to build strength and confidence.

Moms who don’t have the time to get to a regular gym or fitness class.

Women who want the support of a personal trainer and the community of like-minded women.

Moms who do everything for their children and now want to do something for themselves!

Women who want to start living a healthier lifestyle by making small, slow changes!

New Moms at least 8 weeks postpartum who want to safely return to exercise.

Who is Maria’s Mom Squad NOT FOR?

Women looking for a quick fix, celery cleanse, or to “bounce back” after baby.

Someone who wants to workout 2 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Women who are NOT interested in building strength inside and out!

Someone who does not want to put in some time and effort to make their fitness and lifestyle BETTER!

Moms who are NOT interested in the pelvic floor health!

Someone who DOES NOT want to feel confident in their body.

maria hawaii.jpg


You’ve done all the things before. Quick fixes. Weight watchers. Cleanses. Keto. Paleo. Nothing worked. Or maybe it did for a time. But you are back where you started. And now you are so tired and overwhelmed and just don’t know what to do.

In the Mom Squad, we will break it down for you. Into Simple, Sustainable, Foundational habits that will help you reach your goals.

Let me help you get there.


Do I need a lot of equipment?

NO! If you have a set of dumbbells and a resistance band, you’ve got all you need! There are many exercises you can do with your body weight, but if you want to build muscle and gain strength, you will need a form of resistance.

Do I need to belong to a gym?

Absolutely not. I get it! You are BUSY! You don’t have time to drive to a gym and find childcare for your kiddos. All workouts an be done in the comfort of your own home!

I haven’t exercised in a long time. Will I be ok?

YES! Modifications will be provided for whatever stage you’re in! If you’re newly postpartum or you’ve taken a wee break from fitness, I got you covered!!

What if I have Pelvic Floor Symptoms?

Your first thing to do is to make sure you have seen a Pelvic floor Physio Therapist and have a good handle on what the issue is. I can work with you to provide appropriate modifications to work with your specific symptoms.

Is there a minimum commitment to join Maria’s Mom Squad?

NO! You can cancel at any time. Seasons of life change. I get it.

Can I do the workouts if I am pregnant or newly postpartum?

YES! Modifications are provided for whatever stage of motherhood you are in!

How do I sign up?

Complete the form at the bottom of this page and You will need to complete payment, register for the membership site and then join the Facebook group and email list!

maria hawaii 2.jpg

I am here for you. To support, nurture and encourage you.

To provide guidance to help

you live your best life.

Let’s do this!

“Working with Maria has been great. I started meeting with her about 4 months postpartum regarding my pelvic floor. She showed me how to breathe and lots of good exercises to help strengthen my pelvic floor. With just a few months of her exercises and breathing, my bladder issues have gotten much better. Maria is very encouraging and has lots of good advice and suggestions to help you get back to pre-pregnancy strength!”

Are you ready to start doing something for yourself?
Do you want to feel confident?
Do you want to build some MUSCLE?
Join Maria’s Mom Squad!

Join for a monthly cost of $39.99.

You can join NOW

for only $39.99 a month!

And if you determine it’s not right for you, you can leave anytime! No commitment required! Why not give it a TRY?!

Have any questions?!! Not sure it’s right for you?! Shoot me a message!
I’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

You were an extremely instrumental person in helping me make some major changes in my approach to fitness and health.
— Lynna B.