Is your kid a picky eater?

Let's talk about picky eaters.

My children have always been good eaters. Tons of nutrient dense foods most of the time. Treats some of the time. They eat tons of fruit and veg, but they are both plain jane. Not into sauces, don't like a lot of things 'mixed'. Except for my soups - they love my soups.

Some people think they are too picky. But frankly I don't give AF.

They are healthy, strong, fit happy kids. I'm grateful they eat such a variety of foods.

Always time for ice cream!

Always time for ice cream!

I came across a post on instagram the other day where someone was talking about kids who don't eat fruit and veg.

She wrote “WHAT? How did that happen in the first place? I mean, seriously, its our job to make them!"

Ok, I get that as parents it is our job to raise our kids as healthy as we can. To provide good food for those growing bodies. And if we are modelling healthy behaviour - eating mostly nutrient dense food, enjoying treats, moving our bodies, taking time for ourselves,etc. they will see it and hopefully it will become their 'normal' as well.

I am not a dietician nor am I a child psychologist, But I'm pretty sure about this: If your kid eats only certain foods, and you have tried and tried...if you continue to make a big deal about it and get angry and talk about it a lot... this will NOT help the situation.

My nephew ate 6 things through most of his childhood - chicken fingers, apples, yogurt, milk and cheerios an bread. He is now thriving in University, playing sports. Happy.

Another nephew of mine has suffered from horrible food intolerances. He used to throw up a lot. He doesn't eat a whole variety of food. He's very active and happy.

I guarantee their parents didn't/don't take it lightly. And there was/is some stress about it. But do you think that stressing about it and fighting with them about it will make the kids eat different foods? Nope.

Parenting is hard AF and we do the best we can do.

Don’t judge if you see a kid who won’t eat a veg. You don’t know their story.

And don’t let people make you feel guilty if your kid is a picky eater.

Hopefully they will come around. And without the added stress about it, life will be easier in the meantime.