I'm passionate about helping women feel encouraged, healthy, strong and confident.
Here are a few testimonials collected from my loyal clients.

Maria is the best! Not only does she come up with workouts tailored to your needs, she is aware of the changes that come with motherhood (via body and lifestyle). She is encouraging, kind, and the best cheerleader. She is specific in her workouts, and adjusts to your needs (ie. workout equipment, needy children etc.). I looked forward to my workouts with her because I knew I was accountable to someone and because I knew she would be there for support. Would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a personal approach to working out.
— Angela R.

As someone whose work includes physical labour I would have never made it through without Maria’s coaching. It wasn’t just workouts, it was full on Mommy Movement Mentorship. Between the breath work and proper lifting/rolling/standing up movement techniques I was able to continue my work and life routines safely and comfortably.
— Cari R.
When I discovered I was pregnant I immediately began to agonize over the fact that I had no idea how to workout safely while pregnant. I just knew that the only way I’d allow myself to continue working out was if I had help. I’m so grateful I found Maria, who knew the ins and outs of pre and postnatal fitness.
Without her I never would have known about my pelvic floor muscles and the important role they play before and after pregnancy. I never would have learned about diastasis and how to help prevent and or cope with it. Most importantly I never would have been able to workout with the confidence I did throughout my entire pregnancy and recover as fast as I did once I had given birth.
I was able to workout and keep motivated right up until the end. I don’t think it would have been possible without her. She took the stress/worry/second guessing out of the equation and made my fitness journey through pregnancy something I can look back on with pride.
And now 3 months after giving birth I am on the right track to getting back to where I was before pregnancy!
You are an incredible trainer and someone I’m so glad I had in my corner through one of the most important times in my life ♥️♥️ THANK YOU.
— Kathryn B.
Maria’s strength for moms class is the perfect class for pregnant or post partum moms. Her knowledge and respect for the changes that pregnancy and birth have on your body have led to her creating a class that not only gives you a great workout but also keeps you safe while doing it. I am so grateful I was introduced to Maria and her classes as I have been able to exercise without any pelvic floor issues and with an increased knowledge on what my body is ready for!
— Lauren R.
You were an extremely instrumental person in helping me make some major changes in my approach to fitness and health.
— Lynna J.
“I was 6 weeks postpartum after baby #2 when I signed up for Maria’s “Strength for Moms” class. At that time, I was experiencing prolapse and diastisis symptoms and discomfort. I felt weak, physically vulnerable and most of all, scared. Would I ever be active again? Would I ever feel strong? The answer is yes. It was through Maria’s class that I learned how to safely and confidently resume physical activity by focusing on proper form and breath. In addition to offering a wealth of knowledge, Maria facilitates the class with kindness and compassion. Strength for Moms was essential to my postpartum recovery and I highly recommend this class.
— Keagen C.
I love working out with Maria! After discovering pelvic organ prolapse after my second child I was nervous to start working out. I felt in really good hands with Maria, now I feel capable and confident during workouts. She keeps it interesting and uplifting.
— Heather M.
Working with Maria has been great. I started meeting with her about 4 months postpartum regarding my pelvic floor. She was very flexible, coming to my home and working around my daughter’s nap times. She showed me how to breathe and lots of good exercises to help strengthen my pelvic floor. With just a few months of her exercises and breathing, my bladder issues have gotten much better. Maria is very encouraging and has lots of good advice and suggestions to help you get back to pre-pregnancy strength!
— Nicole S
Thank you so much for introducing me to this class and all the amazing women in it. This is exactly what I need - exercise with the interaction of other women. You are a great instructor and motivate me not only to get fit but to care for my body.
— Angela B.
Maria’s class was amazing! I’m not a new mom—-my baby is 39—-but the idea that exercise could help with incontinence attracted me. Within three weeks, my “Watergate” issues were going away, and now I have very few “security leaks!” I’m so thankful for these pelvic floor exercises and the breathing techniques we learned.
— Janice S
Working out isn’t always easy, but Maria makes the workouts fun.  She can easily adapt exercises for everyone’s ability.  Maria is very knowledgeable, and always is aware of using the correct form to keep you safe, and get you the results you want.  I love that I can bring my kids with me and they can play at the park or nearby while I get in a workout.  Highly recommend trying out a class - you won’t be disappointed.
— Che B.
I was insecure about my fitness level when I signed up for bootcamp. After we chatted on the phone, I felt very comfortable with you and the environment that you create in your classes! After going to bootcamp I could feel that you support your clients to reach their goals. You don’t bark orders and scream commands. You lead by example, push people to the potential that you can see in them and do it all with love and a smile!

You encouraged me to try, push a little more and celebrate my successes, even the little ones! One step at a time. Every pound lost, every additional push up, every added minute without stopping, you made me feel like I accomplished something big!
— Krista N.
I have really enjoyed all of your bootcamps. I think you have a fantastic attitude- you make it fun. There is not one time that I have felt discouraged and I always leave thinking- I’m so glad I came.
— Pamela W.
I love Maria’s workouts! Her attitude is about being your best you. She creates a welcoming , fun, upbeat workout aimed at your fitness level. This ain’t no crazy boot camp where you will want to quit after day 1- this is for real women, all shapes and sizes and fitness levels , who just want to take some time for themselves, get fit and ENJOY the journey!
— Kristin S.
Maria is so committed and dedicated and genuine about wanting to see you succeed and will push you to do things you’d never thought possible!
— Carmen S.
Maria has been my trainer for many years now. She has modified her workouts for several of my sports injuries. She is serious, fun, inspiring, and encouraging. I love going to her classes as I know I will get a great workout in and enjoy my time. She has been a great support through the ups and downs of exercise, weight loss, and muscle gain. The best part is that Maria has become a friend! Amazing!
— Nic P.
Maria actually makes working out bearable!  She makes it interesting and switches things up to make it challenging and fun.  One of the things I like the most is she is encouraging and motivating and I don’t feel pressured or intimidated.  I would recommend this class to everyone.  She sets up the exercises so all levels of skill will get a good workout.  Best part is the class is done outside, the night sky is so beautiful and refreshing.
— Nicole L.
I have never, ever enjoyed an exercise class like I enjoy Maria’s class.  Some of it has to do with being outside, which is awesome!  But most of it has to do with Maria herself, she is not pretentious, making everyone feel comfortable and at ease.  She pushes just enough, to make sure you are doing your best.  I am amazed that every class is different and challenging.  She keeps things moving smoothly.  I appreciate her very much.
— Carmen P.
Maria has pushed me to places I never thought I could go. She’s supportive and meets you where you are at physically and mentally and emotionally. She keeps things affordable and flexible. I like how i can get a workout in while having my kids around and they see what it takes to be healthy. Maria also offers great articles and resources about nutrition and exercise. Amazing lady all around!
— Anna H.
Maria’s classes are great, exactly what I was looking for! I love having classes outdoors, I have the option of taking my kids to class during the day or going kid-free at night. I get a good mix of cardio and weights, support and encouragement. Maria’s classes make exercise fun, hard, but fun! I also love the tips, info and extra workouts we get through her Facebook page.
— Megan K.
After a couple years of hearing how great Maria’s class was, I finally took the plunge and decided my oversized self needed to get moving. Scared and reluctant, I went to one of Maria’s boot camps and it was fantastic! Every class I leave feeling great, sore and like a success. I would recommend her class to everyone, no matter your fitness level! I give her FIVE stars!
— Teresa F.
Working out is hard no matter you do. It’s not work it’s fun. Maria has so much energy to spare it spills over to the clients. The workouts are always different and very adaptable for fitness levels and/or injuries. Grunts and groans are signs of hard work!
— Janice L.
For me, strength training is something that I have never been able to motivate myself to do on my own. That’s why I’m so happy there is Maria Schuba Fitness bootcamp. Maria is very encouraging and motivating and will push you when you need to be pushed and support when you need support. Her workouts always fly by and are never repetitive or boring. Definitely worth the time spent outside!
— Nicole S.
I love the fact that Maria makes workouts fun! Her outdoor bootcamps are amazing. Maria always makes sure you are in the correct form and offers help if you need to adapt a specific exercise. She brings a positive attitude and a smile to each one of her classes. Keep up the good work Maria!
— Julie D.
I have been training with Maria since February 2013, three months after the birth of my second son. I had always been active and the toll that two kids had taken on my body was having a dramatic effect on my physical and mental health. Having kids is hard for most people, but especially with two busy boys, I knew the kind of mom I wanted to be. I realized that I was very far away from being that mom unless I made some changes. I happened upon Maria on Facebook offering mobile training services. I called my friend Nic, who had also recently had her second son, and my life would never be the same. Maria started coming to my house once a week to train us both.

With 4 kids under 3 to keep busy, and two women at different fitness levels, Maria was the perfect combination of patience, compassion, and push that I needed. She understood my goals, she understood where I was at both physically and mentally, and she allowed me to be me. I was embarrassed that first day, and I remember wanting to run away and go eat a McFlurry instead of meeting this Maria woman that was coming to my house. I’m so thankful that I stayed. We worked hard. I sweat a lot. I did two push-ups from my knees and two couch-assisted sit-ups. She didn’t judge me. She patiently applauded my two sit-ups and then pushed me to do two more. Every time I met with Maria from that point on I was doing two more of something, until I began to feel strong. I began to feel my body changing. I began to feel my spirit changing. I was becoming the fun and active Mom I had dreamed of being. ‘

There were hard days. Days that the changes weren’t coming fast enough. Days that thinking about food and exercise was too overwhelming. Days that the exhaustion of being a mom of two seemed to win out over self-care. Those were the days that Maria reminded me how far I had come; how even the fact that I was thinking about food and exercise was a huge win. She taught me how to focus on the small changes so that I didn’t feel so overwhelmed. Most importantly, she was there with me every step of the way.

Today, I aim to eat whole foods 80% of the time. I drink, I eat out, I have fun and I love my life. I work-out a lot. Because I love it. And because being strong is fun. I am the fit and fun Mom of my dreams. I am teaching my kids about healthy food and physical activity. I rarely step on the scale anymore. I don’t care what the number says. I care how many tricep push-ups I killed at last nights’ boot camp. I care that I can do 25 pushups consecutively from my toes. I care that I beat my best plank time by 5 seconds. I care that I smile when I see my reflection in the mirror. Not because it is skinnier, but because it is stronger and it is healthier. I am so thankful that Maria came into my life when she did. The time was right for me, and
Maria was right for me. After almost two years of workouts, she still finds ways to challenge me. She finds exercises that push both my body and my mind to places I didn’t think they could go. She can provide a workout to 15 people, all at different fitness levels, and challenge each one of them. The truth is, I’ve never met anyone that she wasn’t right for. She really just gets it: The reality of being a woman, of being a mom, of being healthy. She gets it. And she lives it. And because of her, so do I.
— Tara T.