Your Body Image Impacts Your Children.

Your body image impacts your children.

Your body image impacts your children.


Are you a mom? Because I’m not sure if you read those last 2 sentences so I’ll repeat it one more time.

Your body image impacts your children.

Do you listen to podcasts? Well even if you don't, you NEED to listen to this one.

Balance 365 Radio. Podcast #13. How Your Body Image Impacts your Children with Hilary McBride.

Here are a couple takeaways as I’ve listened to it three times.. Seriously... this is such good stuff that EVERY mom needs to hear.

“Women are bonding putting their bodies down as a way of preserving connection.”

“Girls are learning that they need to hate their bodies in order to participate in our society.”

“If mothers are really as influential as we say they are, then they have the potential through relationship with their daughters, to protect their daughters, to fight for them, to create a new world for them and give them freedom. Not just baggage. The best news of all is that this can happen even when mothers are still struggling in their own journey to love their body.”

Your children can sense things. Even if you didn't say it. Maybe you sighed when you looked at yourself in the mirror. Or the way you grabbed the roll of skin above your jeans. Or the way you changed your outfit 3 times with a scowl on your face before going out. 

Or maybe you did say something but it wasn't to her. It was to a friend on the phone when you thought she wasn't listening. Or to your husband when your son was in the other room. 

You are gifting your child with a narrative about their bodies based on what you say about your own.

I hear women talk about dieting and losing weight a LOT. And they have NO IDEA that what they are saying is affecting their children. Those little ears are listening folks. And they are packing it away somewhere deep inside.

There is an epidemic with little girls dieting. The statistics are shocking. Children as young as 8 or 9 are concerned about their weight. This needs to STOP. And you have the power to make a change in the world.

Choose your words and your actions carefully mommas. Let's try to change the narrative for the next generation.

Now go listen to this podcast!!

She has also written a book, which I have and LOVE. You can buy it at Chapters, Indigo, or online. Check it out here.

And remember,

Your body image impacts your children.