Maria’s Mom Squad : Calendar

Here it is!  Your calendar!

 Let's get started! 

Print out your calendar and check out what workout you completed. A,B,C or D. And also mark off when you completed the FINISHER workout!!

Remember to check off when you've completed your HABIT for the day as well!

October Calendar

SELF CARE!! What can you do FOR YOURSELF this month? We spend so much of our time doing things for our kids, our partner, our house… whatever. I want you to carve out some time for yourself this month.

September Calendar

We are focusing on BREATH this month. If you would like to track any of the previous habits, GO FOR IT. But diaphragmatic breath is our key focus this month. Every day.

August Calendar

Time to tackle the VEG! Summer is a great time to throw some veg on the bbq, or make a cool summer salad!

July Calendar!

It’s SUMMER!! Are you getting enough sleep??? But if you’ve been here from the beginning, keep tracking your other habits too!

June Calendar!

June is here and we are working on gratitude! But don’t forget about your water and walks!!

May Calendar!

In the May Calendar, mark down your workouts, your May Habit, and there’s also a spot for your APRIL HABIT! Keep drinking the water!!

April Calendar!