Welcome to Maria's Mom Squad!

I'm Maria - the main mama and I'm thrilled you're here!  Thank you for choosing this program - I promise we're going to have some fun together!  

Lets get started…

First thing, take a look at this quick video to get the lowdown on how things will work.

  • VIDEO attached 

Now, that you've got the basics, join the FACEBOOK GROUP here!

How it works…

1. ThE Workouts

The workouts are all listed under the WORKOUTS link at the left!  You will get FOUR new workouts per month!  I will also provide a calendar to follow along with the workouts following the CALENDAR link at the left. If you can't get to the specific workout on the assigned day, don't sweat it!  But try to get it in sometime!

Before you do the workouts I want you to watch these videos on Breathing and Alignment, GOT IT?!  This will set you up for the exercises that we will be going through in our workouts.

breathing exercise


relax your belly!

2. The Habits

We will also be working on ONE HABIT per month!  I am a firm believer of SMALL CHANGES.  If you try to do it all at once, chances are you just might give up.  So let's start with one thing at a time.  Success comes with SMALL CHANGES!  


Need a visual so that you GET. IT. DONE.?!  I got you covered!  Print out the calendar and check off when you get your tasks COMPLETE!