Wellness + Nutrition

I believe in moderation.  I believe in balance.  I like to eat healthy. But I also like wine and chocolate.  And I really enjoy good food.  Life is way too short to worry about counting calories and restricting certain foods. 

There's so much information out there about what you should be eating, what's unhealthy, what omegas you're not getting, and so on and so on. It seems to be a constant evolution and it can be frustrating to keep up. If you're stressed about what to eat and what to feed your family, don't be. Do what you can to be healthy. Make one change. Choose an apple instead of chocolate covered granola bar. Go for a walk instead of turning on the tv. Make a meal instead of hitting the drive thru. Get your kids to eat a new vegetable. Become aware of the labels on your food. We don't have to all go gluten free, dairy free, PALEO, or whatever the current trend may be. Do what works for you, and don't try to do it all today.  I will help you develop sustainable habits that are realistic, and not overwhelming.

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