Can I lie on my back during pregnancy?

Eleven years ago when I was pregnant, I was told not to lie on my back.

“Don’t sleep on your back!”

“Don’t exercise on your back!”

“Don’t lie on your back!”


Well times they are a changin’.

In the past it was thought the baby could press on and block the moms vena cava (vein that carries blood from lower body to the heart). So lying on your back for long periods of time was not recommended.

However more recent research suggests that as long as you feel ok, you and the baby are probably ok. That is, if there is no nausea, light-headedness, discomfort, tingling in legs, or breathlessness, you can continue in that position.

But if you start to feel those symptoms (which may be more common in the third trimester) then it’s time to probably use an incline or just avoid the supine position when you can.

If you're not feeling great lying on your back for a bridge. Lift it up a level to a hip thrust.


This exercise is great for the gluts, but also activates the core. Tie in your core-connection breath and you've got a fantastic prenatal exercise. Inhale as you lower and exhale as you lift.

Hook your shoulder blades on to the edge of a bench (or couch!). You can have your arms straight out or put your hands behind your head.

Keep a straight line with your back. Try not to overextend or arch your back.


Strengthening your gluts during pregnancy is a great way to support your pelvic floor. It can also help with those aches and pains through the hips and lower back.

Feeling good? Try a hip thrust hold.

While your hips are raised and your back is flat, hold the position. Be sure to breathe!!

Check into how you’re feeling and modify as needed!