Let your body be postpartum.


"You hardly look like you've had a baby!"

"Damn, girl, you look amazing. How did you lose the baby weight?"

It's like we're in a race to lose the "baby weight" after the baby is born. .
Why is that we aim to look like we didn't have a baby, as soon as possible?

We start counting the calories. We start doing the home workouts. We join stroller bootcamps.

What if... instead... we just let our bodies be postpartum? What if we trusted that our bodies needed some time to heal? What if we waited to get back into that crazy fitness regime? What if we focused on conserving our energy to care for our new baby, and for ourselves? What if we said yes to the help, and rested?

Creating a baby changes your body forever. You don't need to "get your body back", cause your body never left. 😉

Let's start changing the conversation around women's bodies, during pregnancy and afterwards.


Two kids under two.

I was tired. The toddler didn’t sleep well. My husband travelled a lot with work. No family in town. Potty training.

Trying to navigate life as a family of four was hard.

But yet I started exercising as soon as I could. I went to a bootcamp when Madelyn was 6 weeks old. We ran. We did burpees. We did crunches.

I was praised for getting out when she was so little. It was like a badge of honour.

I get it. I was there. I wanted that sweat. I wanted to lose the “baby weight”. So I exercised. A lot. And I paid for it for the next 7 years.

I wish someone told me to wait. I wish someone told me that the fitness classes will be there...later. I wish someone would have told me that I would have the rest of my life to get that sweat on.

I wish someone would have told me to Rest. Recover Rehab. Retrain.

Our bodies can take a beating as we create a baby. And our bodies need to heal.

There are some things that moms can do to help that process. To help heal the postpartum body.
Ive created a guide on the top four things every mom needs to do to help heal their postpartum body. Click on my link to get your free copy.
I ish someone would have told me what to do.

There are things you can do to help heal your body BEFORE you start back into your regular exercise. Grab my free guide here.